Netflix Japan

Late last night I received an email notification from Netflix, it has finally arrived in Japan. Well, I was very excited so I immediately went to and signed up.

I don’t use UNext, GYAO!, AU ビデオパス, Nottv, or Softbank’s UULA so I can’t compare Netflix to those services. I do however use Hulu everyday, so I will compare Netflix with Hulu, and give you my initial feelings (I’ve only beenable to play with it for a couple of hours).

Netflix 1

Free Trial

While Hulu has a 2 week free trial Netflix is offering a 1 month free trial. Which is very nice, you have 2 more weeks of watching videos for free!!


Netflix 2

Hulu is ¥933 a month. Netflix is a little more complicated. You can get Netflix for only ¥650 a month but there is no HD. If you want to watch all of those movies and videos in HD you will have to pay ¥950 a month, which is a little more expensive then Hulu. But, for ¥950 you can also watch Netflix on two different devices at the same time, I don’t think you can with Hulu. One reason you would want this feature is, the family can be at home watching Netflix on the TV, and Mommy or Daddy can be on the train going home watching Netflix at the same time. A very nice feature.


Netflix 3

This is a feature not found on Hulu and that is users. Both my wife and I use Hulu, however, we have very different taste. She likes to watch a lot of French movies and I like to watch SF or Action movies. Therefore Hulu is always recommending weird French movies to me. I really only want to watch a French movie in the movie theater after having a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant while on a date with my wife. Netflix solves this problem. They allow you to create users, and when you sign in you can choose your own personal account. This is very helpful for two reasons. First, it improves the recommendations, which is a great way to discover new content, because they are more personal. They are more relevant to the individual user. Second, if you have children you can create an account for them. Netflix has Parental controls so you can limit what your children watch.

UI (user interface) & Menus

Netflix 4

Netflix’s UI is a lot better than Hulu. Netflix looks nicer and it is a lot quicker. It loads faster and when you scroll through the selections it is a lot smoother. I have never been happy with the Hulu UI, it just looks ugly, at least on the desktop. Netflix looks so much prettier. However, the menus in Netflix are a little lacking. Netflix is a little better with more genres you can browse, however they only have Japanese TV/Movies and International TV/Movies. I like being able to browse by region on Hulu, I don’t watch a lot of Korean films.


I started watching Glee season 1 episode 12 last night before going to sleep and I was a little disappointed there were no English subtitles. English subtitles are very important in my house. My wife prefers them over Japanese subtitles because she always wants to improve her English. The English subtitles helps her to understand what is being said. They do have English subtitles for other content, however, not for Glee.


Only half a day old so not a lot of content. I think Hulu has more tv shows and movies, but hopefully Netflix will get more content in the future. Also Netflix has it’s own original content like Daredevil, Terrace House, and a lot more of good quality entertainment.


Overall I’m very excited and very positive about Netflix. I’m looking forward to watching some of their original content like Daredevil and even Terrace House. You can get a free one month trial and they will email you three days before it expires. That way you won’t be charged if you want to discontinue.

So what are you waiting for go forth and try Netflix, it is free for a month!

Study Smart and Have a nice day!